2019 Aspect List

Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Aquarius

crescent moon buttonAquarius sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through Aquarius today. Go against the grain. Fight for a cause. Stand up for the underdog.

Here’s a quick overview of how markets may behave in 2019 from an astrological perspective.

January: Begins with positive moves. Mixed in the middle of month and stressed to muddled near the end.

February: Looks more bullish with a number of supporting aspects.  

March: Okay month with not many negatives.

April: Looks mixed.

May: Early month appears stressful. Better mid to late month, then stressing again near the end of month.

June: Poor advancement outlook. Lots of negative aspects to deal with.

July: Early to mid month likely continues poor showings in markets.  

August: Performs much better than May, June and July.

September: A mixed month.

October: Another mixed month.

November: More supportive than Oct.  

December: Suggests mostly a good month for advances.

Overall the aspects in 2019 don’t look so harsh. The only real problem we might have, from an astrological perspective, is between late May through July when we could see markets drop anytime in early to mid summer.

Now lets see how 2019 develops!

The aspect list below are the transiting planets that will be used in the astrological forecasts in 2019,  posted for your reference! 

The aspects are color coded like this:   Blue = Trend shifts from high or low / Red = Stress aspect: Usually puts downside pressure / Green = Beneficial: Usually provides advance support / Aqua = 3 day windows for larger moves

Date Planet Degree Planet
02-Jan-19 Sun 0 Saturn
04-Jan-19 Mercury 120 Uranus
04-Jan-19 Sun 60 Neptune
08-Jan-19 Mercury 90 Mars
08-Jan-19 Sun 100 Uranus
11-Jan-19 Sun 0 Pluto
11-Jan-19 Venus 100 Neptune
13-Jan-19 Mercury 0 Saturn
13-Jan-19 Jupiter 90 Neptune
14-Jan-19 Mercury 60 Neptune
17-Jan-19 Mercury 100 Uranus
18-Jan-19 Venus 120 Mars
18-Jan-19 Mercury 0 Pluto
18-Jan-19 Sun 90 Uranus
20-Jan-19 Venus 90 Neptune
21-Jan-19 Mars 90 Saturn
22-Jan-19 Venus 0 Jupiter
23-Jan-19 Mercury 90 Uranus
25-Jan-19 Mars 120 Jupiter
29-Jan-19 Sun 0 Mercury
31-Jan-19 Saturn 60 Neptune
01-Feb-19 Mars 90 Pluto
02-Feb-19 Venus 120 Uranus
03-Feb-19 Mercury 60 Jupiter
07-Feb-19 Sun 60 Jupiter
07-Feb-19 Mercury 60 Mars
07-Feb-19 Mars 100 Saturn
09-Feb-19 Mercury 60 Uranus
13-Feb-19 Mars 0 Uranus
17-Feb-19 Venus 60 Neptune
17-Feb-19 Mars 100 Pluto
18-Feb-19 Sun 60 Uranus
18-Feb-19 Venus 0 Saturn
19-Feb-19 Mercury 0 Neptune
19-Feb-19 Mercury 60 Saturn
20-Feb-19 Venus 100 Uranus
22-Feb-19 Mercury 90 Jupiter
22-Feb-19 Venus 0 Pluto
23-Feb-19 Mercury 60 Pluto
27-Feb-19 Sun 60 Mars
01-Mar-19 Venus 90 Uranus
02-Mar-19 Venus 100 Mars
06-Mar-19 Sun 0 Neptune
09-Mar-19 Sun 60 Saturn
10-Mar-19 Mars 60 Neptune
13-Mar-19 Sun 60 Pluto
13-Mar-19 Sun 90 Jupiter
14-Mar-19 Mars 120 Saturn
14-Mar-19 Sun 0 Mercury
15-Mar-19 Mercury 90 Jupiter
16-Mar-19 Mercury 60 Pluto
17-Mar-19 Mercury 60 Mars
20-Mar-19 Mars 120 Pluto
20-Mar-19 Mercury 60 Saturn
21-Mar-19 Venus 90 Mars
21-Mar-19 Venus 60 Jupiter
24-Mar-19 Mercury 0 Neptune
24-Mar-19 Sun 100 Jupiter
27-Mar-19 Venus 60 Uranus
02-Apr-19 Mercury 0 Neptune
07-Apr-19 Mercury 60 Saturn
10-Apr-19 Venus 0 Neptune
10-Apr-19 Sun 90 Saturn
10-Apr-19 Mercury 60 Pluto
11-Apr-19 Mercury 90 Jupiter
12-Apr-19 Venus 60 Saturn
13-Apr-19 Sun 90 Pluto
14-Apr-19 Sun 120 Jupiter
14-Apr-19 Venus 60 Pluto
15-Apr-19 Venus 90 Jupiter
20-Apr-19 Mercury 100 Jupiter
20-Apr-19 Sun 100 Saturn
22-Apr-19 Sun 0 Uranus
23-Apr-19 Sun 100 Pluto
23-Apr-19 Venus 100 Jupiter
27-Apr-19 Mars 90 Neptune
01-May-19 Mercury 60 Mars
01-May-19 Mercury 90 Saturn
02-May-19 Mercury 90 Pluto
02-May-19 Mercury 120 Jupiter
03-May-19 Uranus 100 Pluto
05-May-19 Mars 180 Jupiter
06-May-19 Mercury 100 Saturn
07-May-19 Venus 90 Saturn
08-May-19 Mercury 100 Pluto
08-May-19 Mercury 0 Uranus
08-May-19 Sun 60 Neptune
09-May-19 Venus 120 Jupiter
09-May-19 Venus 90 Pluto
11-May-19 Sun 120 Saturn
13-May-19 Mars 100 Neptune
13-May-19 Sun 120 Pluto
14-May-19 Venus 60 Mars
15-May-19 Venus 100 Saturn
15-May-19 Mercury 60 Neptune
16-May-19 Mercury 120 Saturn
17-May-19 Venus 100 Pluto
18-May-19 Mercury 120 Pluto
18-May-19 Venus 0 Uranus
21-May-19 Sun 0 Mercury
22-May-19 Mars 60 Uranus
29-May-19 Mercury 90 Neptune
30-May-19 Venus 60 Neptune
30-May-19 Mercury 180 Jupiter
31-May-19 Venus 120 Saturn
02-Jun-19 Venus 120 Pluto
03-Jun-19 Mercury 100 Neptune
07-Jun-19 Mercury 60 Uranus
09-Jun-19 Sun 90 Neptune
10-Jun-19 Sun 180 Jupiter
14-Jun-19 Mars 120 Neptune
14-Jun-19 Mars 180 Saturn
16-Jun-19 Mercury 120 Neptune
16-Jun-19 Mercury 180 Saturn
16-Jun-19 Jupiter 90 Neptune
18-Jun-19 Saturn 60 Neptune
18-Jun-19 Mercury 0 Mars
19-Jun-19 Mercury 180 Pluto
19-Jun-19 Mars 180 Pluto
20-Jun-19 Sun 100 Neptune
23-Jun-19 Venus 180 Jupiter
24-Jun-19 Venus 90 Neptune
27-Jun-19 Sun 60 Uranus
02-Jul-19 Venus 100 Neptune
08-Jul-19 Venus 60 Uranus
08-Jul-19 Mercury 0 Mars
09-Jul-19 Sun 180 Saturn
10-Jul-19 Sun 120 Neptune
11-Jul-19 Mars 90 Uranus
14-Jul-19 Sun 180 Pluto
17-Jul-19 Venus 180 Saturn
18-Jul-19 Venus 120 Neptune
21-Jul-19 Venus 180 Pluto
21-Jul-19 Sun 0 Mercury
24-Jul-19 Mercury 0 Venus
25-Jul-19 Mars 120 Jupiter
27-Jul-19 Mars 100 Uranus
29-Jul-19 Sun 90 Uranus
02-Aug-19 Venus 90 Uranus
07-Aug-19 Sun 120 Jupiter
08-Aug-19 Venus 120 Jupiter
09-Aug-19 Sun 100 Uranus
10-Aug-19 Venus 100 Uranus
14-Aug-19 Sun 0 Venus
16-Aug-19 Mercury 90 Uranus
21-Aug-19 Mercury 120 Jupiter
22-Aug-19 Mercury 100 Uranus
24-Aug-19 Venus 0 Mars
25-Aug-19 Venus 100 Jupiter
25-Aug-19 Mars 100 Jupiter
26-Aug-19 Venus 120 Uranus
28-Aug-19 Mars 120 Uranus
28-Aug-19 Sun 100 Jupiter
29-Aug-19 Sun 120 Uranus
31-Aug-19 Mercury 100 Jupiter
01-Sep-19 Mercury 120 Uranus
01-Sep-19 Venus 120 Saturn
02-Sep-19 Sun 0 Mars
02-Sep-19 Venus 90 Jupiter
03-Sep-19 Mercury 0 Mars
03-Sep-19 Sun 0 Mercury
04-Sep-19 Venus 180 Neptune
05-Sep-19 Mercury 120 Saturn
06-Sep-19 Mercury 90 Jupiter
06-Sep-19 Sun 120 Saturn
06-Sep-19 Venus 120 Pluto
07-Sep-19 Mercury 180 Neptune
08-Sep-19 Sun 90 Jupiter
08-Sep-19 Mercury 120 Pluto
08-Sep-19 Mars 120 Saturn
10-Sep-19 Sun 180 Neptune
12-Sep-19 Mars 90 Jupiter
13-Sep-19 Mercury 0 Venus
13-Sep-19 Sun 120 Pluto
13-Sep-19 Mars 180 Neptune
16-Sep-19 Mercury 100 Saturn
17-Sep-19 Venus 100 Saturn
19-Sep-19 Mars 120 Pluto
20-Sep-19 Mercury 100 Pluto
21-Sep-19 Jupiter 90 Neptune
22-Sep-19 Mercury 90 Saturn
22-Sep-19 Venus 100 Pluto
24-Sep-19 Mercury 60 Jupiter
25-Sep-19 Venus 90 Saturn
26-Sep-19 Mercury 90 Pluto
27-Sep-19 Sun 100 Saturn
28-Sep-19 Venus 60 Jupiter
30-Sep-19 Venus 90 Pluto
03-Oct-19 Sun 100 Pluto
07-Oct-19 Mercury 180 Uranus
07-Oct-19 Sun 90 Saturn
10-Oct-19 Mars 100 Saturn
12-Oct-19 Venus 180 Uranus
13-Oct-19 Sun 60 Jupiter
14-Oct-19 Mercury 60 Saturn
14-Oct-19 Sun 90 Pluto
15-Oct-19 Mercury 120 Neptune
19-Oct-19 Mercury 60 Pluto
20-Oct-19 Venus 60 Saturn
20-Oct-19 Mars 100 Pluto
21-Oct-19 Venus 120 Neptune
25-Oct-19 Venus 60 Pluto
27-Oct-19 Mars 90 Saturn
28-Oct-19 Sun 180 Uranus
30-Oct-19 Mercury 0 Venus
05-Nov-19 Mars 90 Pluto
06-Nov-19 Venus 100 Neptune
08-Nov-19 Sun 60 Saturn
08-Nov-19 Sun 120 Neptune
08-Nov-19 Saturn 60 Neptune
09-Nov-19 Mercury 60 Pluto
11-Nov-19 Sun 0 Mercury
12-Nov-19 Mars 60 Jupiter
13-Nov-19 Mercury 60 Saturn
13-Nov-19 Sun 60 Pluto
13-Nov-19 Mercury 120 Neptune
14-Nov-19 Venus 90 Neptune
24-Nov-19 Venus 0 Jupiter
24-Nov-19 Mars 180 Uranus
28-Nov-19 Mercury 120 Neptune
28-Nov-19 Sun 100 Neptune
28-Nov-19 Venus 120 Uranus
30-Nov-19 Mercury 60 Saturn
03-Dec-19 Mercury 60 Pluto
03-Dec-19 Venus 60 Mars
08-Dec-19 Sun 90 Neptune
08-Dec-19 Venus 60 Neptune
11-Dec-19 Venus 0 Saturn
13-Dec-19 Mars 120 Neptune
13-Dec-19 Mercury 100 Neptune
13-Dec-19 Venus 0 Pluto
14-Dec-19 Venus 100 Uranus
15-Dec-19 Jupiter 120 Uranus
19-Dec-19 Mars 60 Saturn
19-Dec-19 Mercury 90 Neptune
22-Dec-19 Venus 90 Uranus
22-Dec-19 Mars 60 Pluto
24-Dec-19 Sun 120 Uranus
27-Dec-19 Sun 0 Jupiter
30-Dec-19 Mercury 120 Uranus

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Current Planetary Positions

Sun 03° Gemini 11' 43"
Moon 11° Aquarius 00' 02"
Mercury 07° Gemini 01' 22"
Venus 11° Taurus 14' 24"
Mars 05° Cancer 29' 52"
Jupiter 21° Sagittarius 34' 17" R
Saturn 20° Capricorn 02' 20" R
Uranus 04° Taurus 17' 24"
Neptune 18° Pisces 30' 47"
Pluto 22° Capricorn 56' 32" R
Chiron 05° Aries 04' 43"
TrueNode 18° Cancer 29' 57"

December 2018


I must point out in advance due to the advent of robotic trading, which is more prevalent these days than in the past, astrological influences have taken a back seat in analysing and determining how markets are likely to behave. The machines are programmed with entrances, exit points and news events. They are not emotionally involved, as such astrological influence have a minimal affect. Therefore, astrological forecasts on the site will highlight and treat only the most essential influences that may affect market moves.

Below are the major aspects that may influence moves in December.

12-01 Mercury Sentagon Mars: 3 day window for larger moves opens, from Friday Nov 30 to Monday Dec 3rd.

12-02 Sun Square Mars: Likely to produce down moves on Monday Dec 3rd in early trading.

12-05 Sun Square Neptune: Another stress aspect mid week – need for clear thinking - Subject to fanciful thoughts.

(Note: The US stock market will be closed on Wednesday Dec 05th to observe the passing of former president  George Bush Sr.)  

12-07 Mars Conjunction Neptune: A new Moon accompanies this conjunction. Increases probability of a shift in short term trends from either a top or bottom.

12-12 Mars Sentagon Jupiter: Jupiter can cause optimistic thinking.  Price whips likely between the 12th and 14th.

12-16 Venus Sextile Saturn:  This aspect exacts on a Sunday - Has little influence on weekday trading.

12-16 Mercury Sentagon Neptune:   although it exacts on Sunday also, the 17th can see larger moves caused from unrealistic expectations.

12-18 Mars Sextile Pluto: Better prospects for advances with a less negative perspective - Can be an up day. 

12-20 Sun Trine Uranus: Uranus can have markets move erratically under this influence and probably higher.

12-21 Venus Trine Neptune: Supports advances although thinking can be somewhat skewed. Moods should be better today.

12-21 Mercury Conjunction Jupiter:  Full moon on the 22nd can accompany a change in short term trends.  Advances indicated today under this influence.

12-24 Mercury Square Neptune: Due to the early close the aspect may have little effect on price direction... If it does it can be lower, especially nearing the close.

12-26 Mercury Sentagon Mars: The day after Christmas may see vigorous advances today or possibly tomorrow from aggressive Mars.

12-28 Venus Sextile Pluto:  Pluto again can change trends today! However since we're dealing with a sextile aspect up side moves are favored!

Reviewing December

The month is likely to open on a high note, or see larger moves if not higher. Mid week of the first week turns more stressful. New Moon with a Mars Neptune conjunction on the 7th indicates a trend change coming up. However the way things are going lately it may not last.

The second week of the month appears to be a replay of the first week! We could see larger moves nearing the end of the 2nd week, which will probably be higher.

The third week starts with some helpful aspects early and finishes the week with more beneficial aspects. Aspects this week favor advances a good part of the week.

The final week of Dec has a couple of other supportive aspects after the holiday.  We should see the averages making advances as we close out the final month of the year!

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Current Planetary Positions

24-May-2019, 15:45 UT/GMT

Sun 03° Gemini 11' 43"
Moon 11° Aquarius 00' 02"
Mercury 07° Gemini 01' 22"
Venus 11° Taurus 14' 24"
Mars 05° Cancer 29' 52"
Jupiter 21° Sagittarius 34' 17" R
Saturn 20° Capricorn 02' 20" R
Uranus 04° Taurus 17' 24"
Neptune 18° Pisces 30' 47"
Pluto 22° Capricorn 56' 32" R
Chiron 05° Aries 04' 43"
TrueNode 18° Cancer 29' 57"